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Next Generation Sequencing

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Genome sequencing services by Eurofins Genomics provide fast turnaround times and the latest technologies. With unparalleled sequencing experience since 1996, we can offer you complete solutions for all your sequencing and analysis needs using Genome Sequencer™ FLX, Titanium, and ABI 3730 XL technologies. All data generated by Eurofins Genomics is treated under our highest level of confidentiality.

Service Overview

De novo and/or Comparative Sequencing of Previously

Unsequenced Genomes

Coverage sequencing or complete sequencing Unknown bacterial or fungal genomes Sequencing of metagenomes

Sequence Capture

NimbleGen Sequence Capture is a revolutionary way to perform targeted sequencing with next generation technology. Sequence Capture arrays enable the selective enrichment of genomic regions from full-complexity genomic DNA. The method is applicable to large contiguous or non-contiguous genomic regions, whole exomes, or any other targeted regions you want to resequence.

Transcriptome Analysis Sequencing

cDNA or SAGE clones with read lengths up to 1100 base pairs Ultra deep sequencing of standard, normalized, subtracted and/or 3'-fragmented cDNA, SAGE, miRNA, and sncRNA libraries

Re-Sequencing of Exons and Genome Fragments

Sequencing of exons and adjoining regulatory areas Detection of SNPs, in/del(s) or sequence coding unique phenotypes

Ultra Deep Sequencing of Exons and Genome Fragments

Newly developed method for a wide range of applications, detection of rare mutations study of methylation patterns

Library Generation Services

Preparing of BAC, Cosmid, or Fosmid libraries, Arraying libraries into plates, spotting clones onto nylon filters. Broad range of standard, normalized and subtracted cDNA libraries for transcriptome analysis. Sample prep (genomes, BACs, PACs or Cosmids etc.) for shotgun sequencing or other studies

Bioinformatic Service

Eurofins Genomics has extensive expertise to provide analyses, including the proven power of our proprietary analysis software to solve any of your bioinformatics needs.