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EFFECTIVE SILENCING is more readily achieved through delivery of a guide strand with high fidelity to the siRNA and microRNA seed regions. Our extensive quality control procedures confirm identity of each component of the siRNA duplex: the RNAi sense strand (passenger strand) and the RNAi antisense strand (guide strand).

You shouldn't have to choose between the best reagents for your gene silencing experiments and the health of your lab budget. By providing the highest quality and excellent value, siMAX siRNA is the CLEAR CHOICE for every RNAi gene silencing experiment.

siMAX siRNA Specifications

Each siMAX siRNA duplex is provided as a quality-assured siRNA duplex with a purity level of 90% or greater. The siRNA duplex is composed of the 'sense' (or 'passenger') strand and the 'antisense' (or 'guide') strand. After passing all quality control tests, 20 nmoles of both the sense and antisense RNA oligos are placed into a tube, annealed, and then shipped as dried material to your lab.

Our siRNA are delivered as a "fully annealed" duplex. Resuspension of the dried siRNA duplex is designed to make sure that the oligos are reannealed just prior to use. You may use our siRNA Dilution Buffer (included free with each shipment along with resuspension instructions) or your own preferred buffer to prepare the siRNA duplex for futher use. All siRNA are ≥90% purity to ensure the best results in your experiments.

To resuspend the siMAX siRNA duplex

Avoid RNA degradation by using special precautions and by wearing protective lab clothing and gloves. All solutions should be qualified as RNAase-free and reserved only for use in RNA experiments. All RNA work spaces must be free of RNAase contamination.

  • Add 1 mL of siRNA Dilution Buffer to the lyophilized siRNA to create a 20 uM stock solution. (siRNA Dilution Buffer, pH 8.0 is a TRIS-EDTA buffered solution for use and/or storage of siRNA.)
  • Heat the tube to 90°C for 60 - 90 sec.
  • Incubate at 37°C for at least one hour.
  • The siRNA duplex 20µM Stock solution is now ready for use.
  • Store unused 20µM Stock solution as detailed below.