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Eurofins Soil Testing Service

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Soil sampling and analysis gives you chemical and physical information about the soil which can be used to optimize plant growth or assist in solving soil-related problems. Soil test results will guide you in the decision whether or not to fertilize, resulting in environmental and economic benefits. Soil test results can indicate problem areas in your soil. Some examples include: excess salts, high or low pH, problematic soil texture, adverse nutrient levels, etc. These results can be useful for guidance in management or remediation decisions.

For soil investigation and soil remediation projects the testing of environmentally relevant parameters on soil and groundwater is of great importance. Eurofins performs testing on routine parameters like heavy metals, TPH, PAH, EOX, aromatics, VOCs and pesticides, as well as non-standard parameters like glycols and phthalates using a wide range of modern techniques including ICP-AES, ICP-MS, (LVI)-GC/MS, HPLC and LC-MS. The pre-treatment and analytical methods that we currently use fully comply with national standards.

Eurofins has a very well equipped lab with latest equipment and we provide a comprehensive and one-stop testing service to businesses and organizations involved in Agriculture. Eurofins commitment to provide quality service, accurate result in time and expert advice by its highly qualified staff has made many of the top brands in India our regular customer for their analytical needs.

Eurofins provides clients with a trusted laboratory partner that can respond to their needs with reliable analysis solutions. Our portfolio of service for soil testing is very wide and make us a one-stop lab for all your analytical needs.

  Parameters and Matrices offered 

GEO-Chemical analysis of Soil Microbiology
Cations & Anions Analysis Heavy Metals
SCHEDULE II analysis in Soil Radioactivity
Organochlorine Pesticides in Soil PAH and PCBs analysis in Soil
Organophosphorous Pesticides in Soil Pesticide Analysis (506 Analytes)
Carbamates and Other Pesticides in Soil Antibiotics analysis in Soil
Compost Testing