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Nutritional Labelling

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Accurate nutritional labelling of food products can be very good tool to market products to diverse niche customers. The new generation Indian consumer who are having a wider dietary choices and are health, quality and safety conscious demands accurate nutritional information on almost every processed food products.

The now tougher Indian food regulatory rules also mandate the nutritional labelling in all processed food and food products.

Accurately labelled nutritional packaging has to include measurements for calories, fat and vitamin levels, protein and carbohydrates. And the labelling must be consistent, right across the product range.

Eurofins nutritional labelling services can help your food products to meet the appropriate legal requirements and industry-agreed quality standards.

Our nutritional labelling services combine the accuracy of our testing regime with the efficiency of our cataloguing processes, ensuring both precision and reliability. This means you can be highly confident about promoting the quality of your pet food, livestock feed, forages, grains and other food products.

The Eurofins Advantage

  • Eurofins laboratory is accredited, certified & recognized by BIS, NABL, FSSAI and APEDA
  • Competence Centres with state-of-the-art equipment such as high-resolution GC, HPLCs, GCMSMS, FTIR, ELISA, HR-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, Real-time PCR and NMR systems
  • Fast turn-around time (TAT)
  • Local contact with a Global Network
  • Participation in industry associations and regulatory bodies allowing early advice on potential food scares and legal obligations
  • Expert advice - testing schemes, on-site-check for hygiene and allergens, labelling advice and traceability
  • Results you can rely on
  • International presence­
  • ­